HPS-FT060S / 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor / F/T Sensor / Robot Force Control / HYPERSEN


Measuring force and torque on three spatial axes of XYZ

Equipped with high performance processor and 24bit ADC

High SNR digital output

High static overload protection

2000Hz output data rate

Low zero drift & cross-axis effect, low temperature drift

Available with Ethernet, EtherCAT and RS-485 communication

Suitable for industrial robots, collaborative robots, factory automation and so on.

Technical parameters

Model HPS-FT060S Operating temperature -10~55°C
System structure Digital output+Adapter Power 0.5w
Measuring range ±1000N(Fxy) Commuincation interface Ethernet.EtherCAT.RS485
±1400N(Fz) Weight 465g
±30Nm(Mxy) Size 87*78*28.5mm
±30Nm(Mz) Power supply 12-24V
precision 0.5N(Fxy) External connector type Anti-fall aviation plug
0.5N(Fz) Data output rate 2000Hz(max)
0.004Nm(Mxy) Protection class IP65
0.004Nm(Mz) Hysteresis 0.1(%F.S.)
Non-linearity <1.25% Overload 350%
Greep <2% Signal noise 0.03N(x,y)
Crosstalk <2(%F.S) 0.12N(z)

Application field

Robot Hand Guiding

Surface Polishing

Force Controlled Assembly

Machine Tending

Force Feedback Control

Robot Collision Avoidance

Product size