HPS-CFL025 / Chromatic Confocal Sensor / Displacement Sensor / HYPERSEN


– High precision, non-contact measurement

– Measurement of various materials such as: metal, ceramic, mirror, glass

– Fit for curved,unewen and rough surfaces

– IP52 protection

– Large measurement angle

– Fastest measuring rates for dynamic measurement tasks

Technical parameters

Model HPS-CFL025 Reference distance① 43.9mm
Measuring range ±6mm Linearity error 4.0μm
Static repeatability② 0.34μm Measuring angle ±8.9°
Spot diameter (Large) 70μm Spot diameter (Small) 14μm
IP protection IP52 (Standard Level),IP65 (Bookable) Environment temperature -40~+85℃
Material Aluminum 6061 Optical fiber length 3m(Standard); 5m/10m(Optional)
Weight 132g Outer diameter 25mm

*① This is the value from the lens structure surface to the center point of the lens measurement range.

*② This value is a 3σ value, which is obtained by measuring the tungsten steel standard gauge block on the optical platform in our company’s dust-free laboratory. The number of samples: 200000; integration time: 400us; light signal intensity (manually adjusted): 50%; moving average filter window size: 128.

*All technical specifications shall be subject to the latest official product datasheet.

*Hypersen Technologies reserves the right of final interpretation.


Application field

Precision hardware measurement

Lithium battery defects detection

Glue/Film Inspection

Wafer inspection

PCB/IC chip inspection

Glass/Lens measurement

Product size