HPS-3D160 Pro / 3D Solid-state LiDAR / 3D TOF Ranging Sensor / HYPERSEN

HPS-3D160 Pro

76° x 32° FOV

160 x 60 resolution

High SNR digital output

Support 16 groups ROI setting, each group support multi ROIs.

Available with USB, RS-232, USB-IO and LAN communication.

Optional point-cloud and object coordinate output

Built-in data processing and filtering algorithms.

Solid-state design, IP67 protection.

Support Simple-HDR, Auto-HDR and Super-HDR measurement mode.

Technical parameters

Model HPS-3D160 Pro Size 78 x 40x 30(W*D*H) mm
Weight 110  g Power supply 12 ~ 24 V
Power consumption 3 ~ 5 W Strong light performance 80,000 Lux
Storage temperature -40 ~ 85℃ Operating temperature -10 ~ 55℃
Wave length 850 nm Emitting angle 76 °(Horizontal)x 32 °(Vertical)
Precision ± 2cm Measuring range 0.25~3m @10% reflectivity,

0.25~8m @90% reflectivity

Operating mode Auto-HDR
Output data Depth data, average distance,signal strength,
quantity of weak signal pixels, quantity of saturated pixels,
maximum distance, minimum distance
Frame rate 35Hz/adjustable Power-on initialization time 1500 ms
Communication interface USB、RS232、USB-IO、LAN Optocoupler isolationI/O Standard: 1 input, 1 output

Application field

Automatic Door Area Trigger Control

Smart Transportation

Service Robot Collision Avoidance

People counting

Safety Area Protection

AGV Collision Avoidance

Product size