EtherNet Adaptor / 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor / F/T Sensor / Robot Force Control / HYPERSEN


– Convert RS485 interface to Ethernet(100M) network interface

– Support TCP and UDP communication protocols

– Measure the six components of force and torque

– Integrated functions like signal conditioning, data acquisition and so on

– Support up to 2000Hz data output frequency

– Configure multiple types of adjustable digital filters

– Configure the sensor coordinate system

– Real-time IO alarm function, multi-axis configurable alarm threshold

– Compatible with binary and ASCII command analysis modes,

suitable for embedded systems and robot control systems

– Commonly used in applications in industrial robots,

collaborative robots, medical robots and wind tunnel testing, etc

Technical parameters

Model HPS-FT-EN2000-IO Applicable Products 6D Force Torque Sensor HPS-FT series
Size(mm) 70.8 * 55.35 * 24.65 Weight 73g
Operating temprtature -10~55 Power 0.5W

Application field

Robot Hand Guiding

Surface Polishing

Force Controlled Assembly

Machine Tending

Force Feedback Control

Robot Collision Avoidance

Product size