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Company Profile for Foshan Wen Feng Pump Valve Casting Technology Co.,Ltd

Foshan Wen Feng Pump Valve Casting Technology Co., Ltd is a private enterprise that excels in designing and manufacturing industrial equipment. Established in 2003, with more than 7000 square meters factory area,the company specializes in various casting and other processes, including gravity casting (steel mold), die casting, T6 heat treatment, and CNC precision machining.

Our primary custom casting products consist of aluminum alloy parts for automobiles and motorcycles, such as Harley motorcycle cylinder head, cylinder body, crankshaft box, high-strength auto air conditioning compressor shell, etc. Additionally, we manufacture logging machine cylinder head, steering gear, high-speed CNC lathe rotary cylinder oil return cover, pneumatic tool body, pneumatic motor parts, lawn mower parts, and a range of high-precision aluminum alloy mechanical parts. We have also developed a variety of aluminum alloy pump valve series products under the “alaguli” brand. We export 40% of our products to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, and have gained recognition and favor from our customers.

We have nearly 20 senior and mid-level technicians, who are professionally responsible for the development and design of our products, manufacturing, as well as pre-sales and after-sales services. Our experienced and professional team will help you to optimise your process solutions from design, casting, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly of finished products.

Our production equipment includes:5sets 500㎏ melting holding furnaces, 10sets various gravity casting machines, 4sets sand core machines, 4sets gate/riser cutting machines, 3sets shot blasting/sandblasting machines, 2sets 3T-HT furnaces, 10sets CNC machining centers, 10sets CNC lathes, 5sets 300-800T die casting machines,and milling machines, drilling machines, tapping machines, grinding, polishing and other equipment; Testing equipment includes: 5sets air tight testing machines, 4sets decompression effect test machines, hardness tester and flow meter.

We have obtained ISO9001 QMS certification, ISO14001 EMS certification, and ISO45001 OHS certification, which ensures the consistency and stability of our goods quality. We utilize ERP management software in our factory, from purchasing, ordering, production, warehousing to shipment, which greatly improves the delivery cycle. Our factory is located in the Pearl River Delta, which has a perfect industrial supply chain and mature concept of international industrial cooperation, enabling us to offer competitive factory prices. Choosing us as your supplier will greatly contribute to the rapid development of your valuable company.

We strive to uphold our service tenet of being “people-oriented, customer-first, quality-first, and responsibility-driven” by ensuring reliable product quality, an honest and efficient business model, and a humanized enterprise management approach.

We warmly welcome friends from all corners of the world to reach out and collaborate with us for mutual benefits. Thank you.

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